« All men are not vulnerable in the same way; therefore one must know one's weak point to protect it more. » Seneca


People of all ages can be confronted to human trafficking, even in our rather peaceful first nations. Abuse of all kinds, abuse, addictions, which also concern children ...The list of situations related to human trafficking is long and the situation is sad. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports that most human trafficking is in sexual exploitation, followed by forced labor and, to a lesser extent, other forms of human trafficking (UNODC Report 2016). According to the same report, traffickers and their victims come mostly from the same place, speak the same language and are of the same ethnicity.

Switzerland, like any country in this world, is affected by this traffic. That's why prevention is necessary!

  • To help victims speak out
  • To raise awareness about risk situations (Lover Boy etc.)
  • To prevent becoming consumers or actors of human trafficking
  • To inform the population and the authorities of the reality of human trafficking and its "collateral effects"
  • (pornography, sexual addiction, etc.)
  • To give tools and advice
  • To restrict the action of abusive persons

This prevention can take place in schools, events, churches, etc.

Prevention is dispensed through information, awareness raising, media and collaboration with various local authorities.

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« Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate, and hate leads to violence. This is the equation. » (Averroes)


Ignorance and lack of information is a breeding ground for the development of prejudices, fears, rejection and silence. We believe trainings will help raising the awareness about human trafficking. Different types of people are targeted :

  • Potential victims and victims
  • Public audiences
  • People in contact with potential victims of human trafficking (specially Perla teams’ members) or who are interested in getting involved.
  • Various local authorities (political authorities, church leaders, association leaders, etc.).

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Perla Teams meet the persons engaged in prostitution in different cities. Goals:

  • Tell them how precious they are, and not alone.
  • Show them a genuine love and respect.
  • Give them hope for their future.
  • Establish a trustful relationship of trust
  • Encourage them in their different situations (illness, loneliness, family, job, etc.).
  • Discover a victim of human trafficking
  • Direct them to a competent body.

The first time we see them, they often are hopeless, and have no sense of dignity and no emotions. Through genuine love and respect, a change often starts to happen. Hope comes back, and unsuspected strength and courage raise up, leading some of them to freedom.


Ina *, 40, hopeless, tired of her nightlife, started to dream again of another future for her. Step by step, she got rid of her bitterness, planning to go back to her country to start a small business. It took long, several years where we met her a regular basis. Sometimes doubts were overwhelming her, till this day where she told us, lights in the eyes: "In December, I’ll leave. I will start my business in my country, everything is organized”. We said goodbye to her in December, and never saw her again. For a few months, we got news through her friend who had stayed here.

Leonarda * was taking drugs and was very weak. Trust was rapidly gain on her side. She was a few months pregnant. Tired, hopeless, yet she was just 24 years old. We took her in our arms, like our child, we listened to her, comforted her, encouraged her. She decided to go back to her country. We stayed in touch with her for over a year. She sent us some pictures of her daughter. But life was hard. No money. She was telling us how it was hard for her to find a job. And this addiction ... One day, we lost any contact with her. She stays in our hearts. And we hope these moments stay alive in hers.



Unspeakable abuses, deceptions, extreme fears ... victims of human trafficking need care and restoration.

Care and restoration

There is a process of healing the physical, psychological and spiritual prints left by the trauma.


We believe in a holistic approach including partnership with physical and mental health professionals, healthy relationships with a community to break the isolation, and the effect of prayer.

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To inform and raise awareness, we publish books and videos.