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Perla Teams meet the persons engaged in prostitution in different cities.

Goals :

  • Tell them how precious they are, and not alone
  • Show them a genuine love and respect
  • Give them hope for their future
  • Establish a trustful relationship of trust
  • Encourage them in their different situations (illness, loneliness, family, job, etc.)
  • Discover a victim of human trafficking
  • Direct them to a competent body

The first time we see them, they often are hopeless, and have no sense of dignity and no emotions. Through genuine love and respect, a change often starts to happen. Hope comes back, and unsuspected strength and courage raise up, leading some of them to freedom.

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Coaching and training are provided.


Human trafficking currently benefits from ignorance and impunity. As a result, millions of people become victims of human trafficking, and their most basic rights are trampled on without hope of damage repair or justice. Many traffickers operate with great impunity and the number of children involved in human trafficking is steadily increasing. Women and girls are the most affected.

The public is mostly unaware of these facts and mislead by prejudices, fueling fear and promoting passivity, particularly regarding prostitution. Some of those prejudices say:

  • «Human trafficking does not exist in our country, or is only a minority»
  • «Prostitute is a choice»
  • «Prostitute is paid work like any other»
  • «Most people engaged in prostitution enjoy it or at least are ok with it»
  • «Prostitution does not cause suffering»
  • «Their irresponsible decisions dragged them where they are now»
  • «They all have access to health care»

All these statements do not reflect the reality we encounter on the ground.

  • Perla is present at events, conferences, or various meetings (associations, churches, etc.), to raise public awareness of the issue of human trafficking.
  • Perla also offers training for various types of public (prevention in schools, youth groups, training for people interested in joining a group or launching a group, etc.).
  • Perla is available to come and give information about the theme, with testimonies and an impactful message. By inviting Perla, you support our activities and goals !

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« We realize that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if this drop did not exist in the ocean, it would be lacking. » Mother Teresa

Member or friend

Any natural or legal person interested in seeing Perla’s goals getting achieved may apply to become a member or friend of Perla Organization.

By becoming a member or friend :

  • You support and encourage Perla's actions.
  • You are regularly informed of developments in the fight against human trafficking
  • You help raising awareness about the true face of human trafficking
  • You help fighting against human trafficking and saving victims

A newsletter is regularly released and distributed first to the members and friends of Perla Organization.

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« None of us knows what we all know together. » Euripide


The fight against human trafficking requires a variety of technical and relational skills, share ideas, and the development of strategies, in the following areas: editing and publishing, media, teams on the ground, contacts with various authorities, training, prevention, care and restoration, etc.

For this reason, we look for partners to achieve together what is the most important to us: To see hope and dignity accessible to all and human trafficking abolished.

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