Human trafficking is a reality

Let us have the courage to act!

  • Perla wants hope to be accessible to everyone and invests itself to promote respect of dignity for everyone.
  • Perla works for human trafficking abolition.

Join us in this fight, until everyone
obtains freedom!

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Ionela * looks sad the first time we meet her. We learn that she is pregnant for a few weeks, and she will have to abort because her "boyfriend" doesn’t want her to keep the baby. This will be the second time for her. It's hard. She is very young. We invite her to consider other solutions, like asking her mom to take care of the baby. Her face lights up. We pray for this baby to come. When we see her again a week later, she is no longer the same person. In a big smile, she announces that she will leave the streets in two weeks and go to her family during her pregnancy. Two years later, a woman runs after us in the streets and express her gratitude and joy to us. She shows us the pictures of her son, who is now one year old. She is back in the street ... according to her, only temporarily.

From our first meeting with Silvia, she opened her heart and shared her disgust towards all the lies of her life. She explained everything to us, how she came into this environment, and some sordid details to prevent her from leaving prostitution. She decided to tell her parents the truth about her life. The following week, she told us about her parents' reactions when they learned what she was doing in Europe: her mother didn’t care at all, the only thing that matters was the money her daughter could bring home. His father, on the other hand, was touched by this revelation. Silvia decided to leave the street to open a shop selling all kind of African things. We never saw her again ...


Along Our Street

Poem from Rosemarie

Winter night
Freezing wind
Only the most desperate are here
And Julia, and me
With coffee, tea and cookies

Pretty faces
Buried under a thick layer of makeup

«Do you speak English ?» Reluctant: « Yes »
«Do you want coffee, tea, a cookie?» «Thanks, coffee.».
«Which country do you come from?» «From Nigeria»
«Our names are Julia and Rosemarie, and you?» «My name is Beauty»
(In the street you never reveal your real name)
«How old are you?» «22 years old»
(On ne donne pas non plus son vrai âge
- You don’t give your real age either - she's still a minor, I'm sure!
«Sugar?» «Thank you»
«Milk?» «No, thank you»

We explain we come regularly,
We are here for her
If she ever needs someone.
And that we believe in Jesus Christ.
We continue our walk.

How is it possible
That a girl
From a lost village in Nigeria
stands here, along our street?
What web of lies did they weave to catch you?
What did they bewitch you with?
What do they threaten you with, to keep you silent,
Who are they,
Those who ask you to pay them thousands of francs for your trip to Europe,
For a false passport,
And for a roof over your head?
Who are they,
Those who control you and who submit you with drugs?

And who are these clients
Who, unscrupulously,
Pay the cheapest amount possible
for « your services »?